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      With a variety of types with "Asahi" characteristics of the grapple
      R & D products have been exported overseas
      We according to the actual needs of customers to design, manufacture

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      About XuMin About

      About XuMin


      About XuMin

      Shanghai Xuban Machinery Co., Ltd. has many professional technicians engaged in port loading and unloading machinery and more than ten years of professional experience in product development, design and manufacturing. The engineering design personnel of the company pay attention to technological progress and development, continue to delve deeper on the basis of absorbing advanced technologies and design concepts of advanced countries, and understand the requirements of operating conditions in detail, and have a profound experience of the important role of advanced retrieval devices in engineering practice . After years of exploration and bold innovation, we have successfully developed various types of grabs with the characteristics of "Xu Xing". Therefore, our company has also become a domestic R&D and design tool for handling tools, grabs, spreaders and transportation vehicles. One of the strong enterprises, won the gold award at the 17th Invention Exhibition, and the products developed have been exported to Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia, South America, Greece, Horan, Turkey, Pakistan and other countries.

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